Frost Merch

Frost YouTube

As YouTube is his main source of income, from his main account he earns up to $7k monthly and $83.6k yearly, and from the second channel he earns $154 monthly and $1.9k yearly.

Other Ventures

Click edit button to change Other than YouTube, Frost earns a decent amount through brand collaborations and sponsorship from Instagram. On July 11, 2022, he posted a collaborated post with Facepunch Studios and Youtooz.

Frost Merch

Frost Merch

Frost started his channel on August 5, 2013 and uploaded his first video on December 15, 2017.[6] On September 18, 2021, he uploaded a Minecraft video as a MCC Rising application.[7] He uploaded his first Minecraft video as a Minecraft YouTuber on November 1, 2021 before announcing he’s a Minecraft Youtuber in a video posted on November 6, 2021. He would then reach 50,000 subscribers on February 19, 2022. Before Frost started making Minecraft videos, however, he made videos about his life as a Furry.

Frost Fox is commonly counted as one of the “first” PNGTubers. Frost Fox has made videos with people who have a similar style of content and is often also opposed by YouTubers like v1nce cuh, seemingly to the point of bomb threats and harassment. Despite this, Frost Fox still gained a great boost in popularity around February 2022 and continues making content as of now.

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