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Frost Fox (born: December 6, 2000 [age 22]), or simply Frost, is an American gaming YouTuber known for making videos off of the game Minecraft. Buy Frost Merch!

Frost Merch

Frost Merch Personal life

Frost was born on December 6, 2000 in the United States. He is bisexual, asexual and non-binary who uses he/they pronouns. However, this article uses he/him for consistency.On May 3, 2022, he opened up about his struggle with ADHD, social anxiety and depression. He currently goes to college and is currently dating Alyz, who goes under the username AlyzHybrid. They have both been dating since June 2022.

Frost is well known for his Minecraft-related videos. In several of his films, a 2D YouTube character—currently referred to as a “pngTuber character”—speaks in place of a real person. Some could refer to it as commentary. Frost streams on Twitch and creates YouTube Shorts rather than regular videos.

Frost Net Worth

Frost, also known as Frawzt, is an American gaming YouTuber, well-known for his Rust gameplay videos. Frost has an estimated net worth of $100k approximately.Frost launched his YouTube channel on July 09, 2014 and now as of December 2022 he has over 1.21 million subscribers on his channel.

According to data from, Frost’s net worth is estimated to be around $951.15k. Frost’s estimated net worth is a mystery. Although the highly valued opinion on our website places Frost’s net worth at $951.15k, it is unknown what his actual net worth is.

 His main content on YouTube is his gameplay videos of him playing Rust which is a story-based survival game. His viewers like his gaming skills and his in-game commentary. He usually uploads his gameplay videos once a month.

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